10 things that would make my 16 year old self proud

This past week I celebrated my birthday. Not a milestone one, but it feels like it because now I’m in my last year in this decade of my life. Next year…the big one. Oh lord. I’ve never been worried about birthdays but then I was much younger. haha

10 things that would make my 16 year old self proudme16

  1. I have 3 kids, 3 years apart. Yep, that is exactly what I wished for
  2. I live in the city
  3. I got my degree
  4. I’ve seen KISS in concert 6 times
  5. I do creative work
  6. I went to Italy
  7. I’ve been to New York and Hollywood and Jamaica
  8. I’m still a goofball weirdo and a nerd
  9. I have a nice car and it’s fast
  10. I have a great job and even a wonderful business of my own

When I was 16 I wanted to be an Interior Decorator or a Fashion Merchandiser. I wanted to go to college in Long Beach, California at a creative school. I wanted out of my small town. I wanted nice things and a nice car. I wanted to travel. I wanted love and my own family. Basically I wanted it all.

I still do want it all. And I still think anything is possible.


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