Friday Five – Mi Manchi

Mi manchi = I miss you

Some times you just miss people or places or times in your life. And you just need to acknowledge it.

Mi manca (I miss):

  1. Italy (of course, you knew that was coming right?!?)
  2. Mustaches
  3. Harley Rides
  4. This baby being a baby…heck, I miss my babies being babies. (Why do they all have to grow up so fast) 188839_10150136027051797_3318511_n 1424544_10152017473366797_108917540_n
  5. Reading. I haven’t really, really been reading and I do miss it. And I mean reading just for the pure enjoyment of a wonderful story…I have been reading some inspiration/business type books.  I have been listening to Blood & Beauty on audiobook during my commute though and I’m enjoying it. (it’s about the Borgias, and I loved the Showtime series)

Happy Weekend!

PS…I’m getting ready to launch a passion project, I bet you can’t guess what the subject will be. ;)



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      The adult children are pretty awesome too…and grandbabies are like getting to have your kids all over again but mostly the best parts of childhood because their parents are ultimately the responsible one. Nana’s get to say “yes” and spoil them with snuggles and kisses.
      Thauna recently blogged..My Heart is Italian…My Profile

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