Friday Five – Favorite things

I get to spend the whole weekend with my sweet grandbaby. You know her, the adorable baby I’ve showed off on my blog for the last 4 1/2 years.

Today is her half birthday. I cannot believe how fast the last 4 1/2 years have gone. This child completely has my heart. And pretty much anything else she wants.

Favorites Things About JaNiyah

  1. Snuggle time. Today she told her Mom “I’m going to go to Nana’s house and we’re going to snuggle.”  Another time her other Grandma asked her, “what are you going to do at your Nana’s house?” JaNiyah’s answer was, “Nana likes to snuggle so we’re gonna snuggle.” I asked her what I am going to do when she is too big to snuggle with me and she said we can still hold hands. When we are at the park she says 5 more minutes and then we can go home and snuggle.janiyah
  2. She is funny. And she knows it. Of course being 4 anytime she gets the reaction of you laughing at her jokes she has to tell them over and over. IMG_2612
  3. Everything we do together is “the best day.” 1385173_10151974294296797_1694528850_n
  4. When she tells me I’m “the best Nana ever.” Especially when she yells it from the car when they are leaving my house.1098157_10151785357546797_1758656267_n
  5. She loves me and her Mom the most because “it’s hard to choose.” It’s OK, I know she loves her Mom the most. As long as Nana is a close second I’m good with that.

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