Friday Five

starbucksThis morning I decided to splurge on Starbucks. (which honestly,  was based on the fact that I haven’t been grocery shopping and was out of creamer and milk.)

I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the drive-up window to find out that the lady in front of me had paid for my goodies. (red car, realtor plates….thank you nice lady!) I’ve had this happen to be a couple of times and each time I’ve been so surprised and thrilled that just drive away happy.

But then as soon as I drive away I think…why didn’t I pay for the person behind me? Why am I so selfish? And other thoughts that steal the joy of the fact that a stranger bought my coffee. So I told myself to just stop it…and delight in the gratitude of the moment.

Enjoy the thankfulness of someone doing something nice for me. I decided to focus on gratitude today. Here’s my five things I’m grateful for this week (because a total list would be way more than five).

  1. I had lunch with this little cutie yesterday. She called me when they were in the parking lot and said “Nana if you come outside there is a surprise for you.” She was the surprise. :) That kid just makes my heart happy.janiyah
  2. Easy ways to practice Italian throughout the day. I’m addicted to the Duolingo and Memrise apps on my phone and iPad. They are fun ways to practice and learn new vocabulary and it doesn’t feel like a chore or homework. It feels like a game and 10 minutes here and there are a nice break in my day. duolingo
  3. Fall TV is back. I’m so happy to have something to watch again. Even though it seems that most of my favorites are all on Thursdays, thanks to DVR and onDemand I can spread them out. Each Fall I swear I’m not going to take on any new shows…over the years I’ve been trying to cut back from being a total TV junkie to just watching the shows that really matter to me. I’ve only started one new show this Fall, The Originals…. good but I like Vampire Diaries more.
  4. Italian movies on Netflix. And discovering Marcello Mastroianni. I’ve watched a few films from the 60′s with him and Sofia Loren. And he is delightful. Oh and to listen to him speaking Italian. Mama mia, sono in paradiso!!  (I’m in heaven)marcelloM
  5. It’s Friday and I’m grateful. This weekend I plan to sleep in and maybe even nap. And I have a bunch of freelance work that I’m excited to make some progress on this weekend.

What are you most grateful for today?


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      He IS dreamy. Last night I tried to watch 8 1/2 but it was very film noir-ish and strange. But I love the others I’ve seen so far. Maybe I’ll watch another tonight…no Nana duty this weekend so work and Italian movies are on the agenda.
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