My Blog is a Mess!

The curse of being a Web and blog designer is that you always want to change your own blog. But I struggle to find design time to dedicate to my personal blog between client projects. Heck I can’t even seem to blog consistently.

I have my eye on a new theme. The Wintersong theme by Brian Gardner. In my design business I’m a 100% Genesis designer/developer. Brian is the founder of the Genesis Framework and StudioPress. I could gush about how I admire Brian, but since I’m hoping to win a copy of his theme I don’t want to brown-nose. ;)

Anyway, it’s clean and sleek and lately I’ve really been on a minimalistic design groove. (check out what’s new in my portfolio) I don’t want to take away from current design projects, so I’ve been keeping my eye out for a theme that is minimal and focuses on my content and photos. Because you know I love to show off my photos. And I still have a ton of Italy pictures to post.

Even if I don’t win the theme, I’ll buy it as soon as it’s available. I want to take the minimal theme and add a couple of touches of Thauna. Something I can get done and make my own in an hour or so. And then get back to work.

And speaking of content and blogging…

For a while now I’ve been keeping the content here pretty vanilla. Personal. But not TOO personal. I started blogging as a way to share the random thoughts in my head and my heart. Some were happy. Some were not. I didn’t worry about what anyone thought. I shared pieces of my thoughts, heart and soul….with a good dash of weird and maybe a touch of crazy.

But then my business took off and it became very easy to link the two together. I worried about what my clients would think if they read my personal blog. You can’t hide when your name is on everything. These are the questions I’m struggling with over my little blog.

  • Do I rebrand or rename my blog? I love the name of my blog. It’s just about me. I’m just a girl trying to find my way. I’m just Thauna.
  • Continue to refrain from the real personal posts? I miss being more open and not always positive Polly. Some days there is a little cloud over my head and I just need to voice it. Some days I need to shout my gratitude from the mountain tops. And some days I just need to be weird and random. It’s all part of my charm, haha! (that’s what HE said)
  • Really does it matter? Is anyone out there even listening? I have probably 4 dependable readers…and I appreciate each of you!!!

Hmm, I have some more pondering to do.

But one thing is for certain…a fresh redesign is on it’s way!

And because no post is complete without a picture…here’s the top of my head in glorious Italy.




  1. […] will be coming again soon! I just received a notification that I won the Wintersong theme that I mentioned a couple of days ago. So we will be going minimalist around here. Funny too look at that first blog with the girly, […]

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