Friday Five

Happy Friday! Buon Venerdì! I skipped Italian class this week so I’m trying to keep it fresh. :)

Things I’m excited about:

      1. My new blog design. (you can see some old designs here.) I won a theme giveaway on Monday and I’ve been so excited to get going with a fresh design. I’m so in love with minimal design lately. Why does a Designer need to win a giveaway?? Well, that’s a good question and I thought about it before I entered. First, Brian is one of my design heros. And second, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my personal design and the minimalist design really appealed to me. So what do you think?
      2. My son is back home and we are watching the last season of Justified since he missed most of the season. I’ve missed Raylan. Some shows you can just watch over and over, but maybe it’s because I have a serious crush on Raylan. If you’ve never seen Justified you really should check it out. Seriously. Best. Show. On. TV.
      3. Which leads to #3…now that Daniel is home I will have some help unpacking the new house. Yes, it’s been 3 months and my garage still pretty much looks like it did at day one; full of boxes. And I’m not talking about empty boxes.
      4. Funny kid and finally making cookies in the new house. JaNiyah and I started to make cookies (finally) and as we were getting stuff out I realized that the mixer and measuring cups are still somewhere out “there” in said boxes. I said, “Oh no, I don’t know where the beaters are!” Little 4 year old didn’t miss a beat and responded with a “waa-waa-wahaaa.” You know the sound that pretty much mean “fail.” I laughed so hard. We looked for the beaters, didn’t find them. We mixed ‘em up old school with spoon and guessed on measurements. And they turned out really good. Best part though is the memories and the fun.image
      5. The weekend. I’m planning to do a lot of design work, sleep in, unpack, and maybe a bit of reading or painting.  Oh and catching up on my Italian homework.

Have a nice weekend! Buon fine settimana!



  1. […] Being a Web and WordPress designer I always want to change up the look on my personal blog, but clients come first. Finding time to do redesign work on my personal blog is hard. But a few months ago Brian redesigned his blog and then had a contest to give away the theme. I was so excited when I won. […]

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