August Reading

What little time I have to read is dedicated to these two books this month. I really need to find more time to read (and exercise, and clean house, and….. oh nevermind).

This is what Amazon says: The Fire Starter Sessions is an apathy-kicking, integrity-infusing guide to defining success on your own terms. 

Danielle’s amazing Credo….I freaking LOVE this and have the 10 steps hanging on the wall next to my desk. Number 1 has become my mantra, especially when I’m working. (aka wrestling code into submission to do what I want it to do)

What I think so far: If you want to kick start your life, find what you are meant to do and while your at it find the courage to DO IT….read this book. I’ve just started it and I really would like to just curl up and hideaway for a weekend and have my little Fire Starter Session retreat. Actually I’m working on doing that…as soon as I finish up a couple design projects. First I downloaded the book on my iPad…but being the typography nerd that I am I had to order a hard copy too. Beautiful layout. Whatever format you prefer, get it now. You won’t regret it.

This month’s Fiction is Gone Girl: A Novel

What Amazon says: “…Gone Girl is masterfully plotted from start to finish and the suspense doesn’t waver for one page. It’s one of those books you will feel the need to discuss immediately after finishing because the ending doesn’t just come; it punches you in the gut….”

What I think so far: I’m about 20% in and completely in love with the prose. Flynn is an amazing writer and I adore her metaphors. Suspense is not really my genre of choice, but I will read anything she writes. She makes me forget I’m reading a suspense/thriller/crime drama. She masterfully weaves the type of character dysfunction and “in their headness” (I’m sure that is a proper literally phrase, lol) that I love. The chapters switch between Nick, the under suspicion husband, and Amy, the missing wife: and weaves a tale of a love story/marriage that is both loving and dysfunctional.

Again, I love the writing. Love it! I have also read Sharp Objects: A Novel by Gillian Flynn and recommend it as well.

If you read one of these two books, I’d love to hear what you think.

What are you reading this month?


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