War & Peace {Wednesdays}

I was trying to find some discussion or study questions about War & Peace to give me a starting point this week. But wow. Some questions I found are paragraphs and would require way too much brain power to answer. I’m mean I’m reading War & Peace I don’t have a lot of brain power left.

I’m just kidding really. The book is not that hard. But trying to keep the names and events straight is a bit of a challenge. And then there is the French.

I’ve wanted to read W&P ever since finishing Anna Karenina. I love the epic-ness of Tolstoy. The history. The Russian culture and aristocracy is so very different from my modern, Utah life. I’m fascinated.

In Part 1, my favorite characters were Pierre, the Little Princess, and Princess Mayra.  At first I was not very interested in Pierre, but once the intrigue with the death of his father started I became curious about him. The Little Princess, Lisa, draws me in partly because of the way Tolstoy describes her facial features. I cannot wait to learn more about Princess Mayra and how she develops if (when) she moves out of her life of seclusion on the family estate.

Do you have any favorites so far?

Do you find the book intimidating?

I have discovered if I just let the names float around in my head and not worry too much about making connections and sense of them all, it all starts to come together eventually. Periodically I refer to the family tree in the book or a list of characters. This list of  characters on Wikipedia seems thorough but it does have some spoilers (which only makes me more interested an excited to get back to reading). List of War & Peace Characters



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