It’s a Good Life

Yesterday I worked on a little project with some Instagrams and noticed a few things about the last year with my iPhone:

  • I take a lot of pictures of the grandbaby
  • I take a lot of pictures of said grandbaby sleeping
  • I love food
  • And pretty drinks
  • Dinners and lunches out with my friends are always good times
  • Flowers make me happy
  • Clouds and a pretty sky also makes me happy
  • The Utah scenery and mountainscapes still take my breath away with the beauty
  • Vegas is awesome
  • So is rural Utah
  • I’m amused by random things
  • I like to share with my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook friends (and all of you)

Here are a few (ok, a bunch) of my highlights.



  1. ShirleyFai says

    Love those photos you have here…I also love flowers and it makes me happy everytime I saw one…Thank you for your inspiration here…

  2. Loraine says

    Your first two statements only show how proud you are of your grandbaby. She is lucky to have someone like you.

  3. Jazmine says

    Your goals might change as you move through various stages of life. Excelling in educational settings, developing a career, having a family or friends and pursuing the development of a skill or talent all are very normal life goals..

  4. Carmen says

    Wow! the picture is beautiful and I love it. Yeah you are right life is good. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  5. Matthew says

    Aw, that is normal to be so in love with the adorable grandbaby. The pictures simply shows how much you adore her.

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