Friday Randomness…

My mind is wandering everywhere today except to the task at hand.

I’m loving the blue sky today.

I hope that people remember me as happy, joyful, and funny. But I’m afraid I’ll be remembered as shy, high-strung, and cranky.

I certainly will NOT be remembered for a tidy house.

I would like to be a better hostess. I would like to be more social. Right now my social life consists of my 2 1/2 year old grandbaby and a rare dinner with friends.

I’m loving War & Peace right now, but I really need to carve out more reading time.

I miss going to the movies. I haven’t been to the theater since the new Winnie the Pooh came out. I’ve never gone to the movies alone. Have you? Is it scary/weird?

I’m thinking about dusting off my camera and getting ready for Spring photo sessions.

I’m currently addicted to Justified, Shameless, Californication, and Parenthood along with some random reality shows and old favorites. But I’m not watching much TV these days…oh yeah, I always watch Days of Our Lives. I could never go without my DVR.

I love my freelance work but sometimes I feel like I’m always working. I guess that is the norm for having your own business. Making pretty Web sites and Blogs really does make me happy.

Right now I want to stare out the window at that beautiful, blue sky and daydream.

Happy Weekend!


  1. says

    Yes I do hear you about feeling like you’re always working. I feel that way, too, because there is never an off time. I tried setting aside certain hours just to work and others just to have on my own — but I’m having a hard time keeping to it.

  2. says

    I go to the movies alone all the time!! I love doing it :) Justified and Shameless are SOOOO good right now. Do you watch Southland on TNT? It’s another good one we love.

    • says

      I’m new to Justified just started watching this season, I love it! My ex lent me Season 1 so I’m slowly working through it. Oh he’s so handsome!

  3. Nicole says

    I think it’s just really normal that sometimes you feel burned out on what you’re doing.. But it’s okay to relax for awhile. Happy weekend to you! :)

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