Catching up…

OK, I’ll never really be caught up on this blog. I’ve neglected it for too long. So let’s go with what been going on recently. :)

  • Super excited to have a new job! I am now the Web Developer at the HR Department at the University of Utah. I’m uber (I’ve never used the word uber before getting this job!) happy about going back to HR at the U. I coveted this job when I was still in school 4 years ago and was working at the department as an HR Rep. I learned a lot from my friend Evan (my predecessor) then and I’m learning a ton from him now! The pages are heavy on the code/programming side and I’m learning tons just making updates. I cannot wait to start redesigning and give the site a much-needed facelift.
  • So I get this really awesome office….until a new director is hired. Then I’ll move into a smaller office with no window. But right now I’m loving every minute of this window thing.
  • Other perks of my new job.
    • Most of my friends still work there….love that! It’s like moving back to your home town and knowing everyone in the neighborhood.
    • It feels good to drive to a part of the valley that is vibrant and full of life. Driving downtown provides entertainment, like seeing a guy in a cape (yep a real cape) one day and a lady having her very own praise and worship session on a street corner another. Being on campus is kind of fun especially during football season.
    • We have the best employee appreciation day ever and its next week. It’s at the stadium and HR puts it on with the staff council, so everyone volunteers and we have our jobs to do for part of the event and the other 2 hours we get to have fun, eat great food, enjoy entertainment and go on the field. It’s a fun day.
  • Jbaby is getting big and says the funniest things. You know how toddlers start learning phrases and using words that you don’t even realize that they understand. Cracks me up when I hear her say things like “calm down” or “well, that’s strange” and “I’m bossy.” She really is bossy. She sent me to time out the other day. She is a funny kid.


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