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Hello July

It's July already. I can't believe it. I feel like someone pressed the fast-forward button on life. I want to enjoy summer, but really I'm already looking for to the end of it. Exciting things are coming up around the end of summer. My world and my family will be different by fall. But still I want to enjoy these summer days and not wish them away. But I am looking forward. I can't help it. Be present, be present. I remind myself daily. I left my part-time job at the UofU 3 years ago this weekend to go full-time with Bellano Web Studio. I almost made it a full 36 months of ...

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Monday, Monday

M O N D A Y: Monday, Monday So good to me Monday morning It was all I hoped it would be I really dig Mondays. And this is the first Monday of a new month. The first Monday after my birthday. So it's almost like New Year's Day here for me! I love fresh starts, they make me feel like I can take over the world. Or at least take over my little corner of the world. I let my goals and intentions for the new week soar and my imagination run wild with possibility. Five things I'm doing this morning to make sure I own this Monday. 1. Morning Mantra - I've been reading "Thank and Grow Rich." She ...

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