Plans for the New Year {Friday Five}


I got big plans for the New Year! Do you? My last post (that was oh so long ago) hinted at some big changes that I was pondering. Well, decisions have been made and things have been put into motion. Things like discussions with bosses and new Web sites. Two big changes are happening: Design by Thauna has evolved into Bellano Web Studio. There were several reasons for the change and they all … [Read more...]

19 More Days…


This year, this 2013, it's almost over. Can you believe it? I have so much swirling through my head these days. Plans. Dreams. Wishes. Big things. Mostly I want more joy. Who doesn't? When I am joyful I think I'm better for everyone around me. One thing that is very important to me is making a difference to people. My family, friends, and my clients. Even strangers. I like … [Read more...]

Made my day…heck my week!


My best birthday surprise was not breakfast in bed. Or a new car in the driveway. Or even a birthday present. My birthday surprise was being featured "5 Dazzling Design Example of What's Possible with the Genesis Framework and Wordpress" over on Best surprise! And it wasn't even a client site or my design site. But it was my little personal blog right here. Featured. For being … [Read more...]

10 things that would make my 16 year old self proud


This past week I celebrated my birthday. Not a milestone one, but it feels like it because now I'm in my last year in this decade of my life. Next year...the big one. Oh lord. I've never been worried about birthdays but then I was much younger. haha 10 things that would make my 16 year old self proud I have 3 kids, 3 years apart. Yep, that is exactly what I wished for I live in the city I … [Read more...]

My Heart is Italian…


As anyone who has visited my blog more than once knows, I am obsessed with Italy. I have been learning Italian for about a year now and it's challenge for an old lady. But such a FUN challenge. I love every word. I have just launched a new blog...all Italy, all the time. The focus will be my journey with learning Italian and stories and photos from my first trip (and hopefully more trips). A … [Read more...]

Friday Five – Mi Manchi


Mi manchi = I miss you Some times you just miss people or places or times in your life. And you just need to acknowledge it. Mi manca (I miss): Italy (of course, you knew that was coming right?!?) Mustaches Harley Rides This baby being a baby...heck, I miss my babies being babies. (Why do they all have to grow up so fast)  Reading. I haven't really, really been reading and I do … [Read more...]

Friday Five – Favorite things


I get to spend the whole weekend with my sweet grandbaby. You know her, the adorable baby I've showed off on my blog for the last 4 1/2 years. Today is her half birthday. I cannot believe how fast the last 4 1/2 years have gone. This child completely has my heart. And pretty much anything else she wants. Favorites Things About JaNiyah Snuggle time. Today she told her Mom "I'm going to go … [Read more...]

Dear Daddy,


I can't believe you've been gone for a bit over 19 months. I miss you everyday. I use one of your coffee cups often...the cream one with the dots has become my new favorite. I wear your jacket. I still have your driver's license in my wallet. I have your globe on my bookshelf. The Raiders really stink this year. Again.  I still expect you to call during halftime. I'm going to try to … [Read more...]